Render farm

I'm currently operating a fully working multiple-computer Blender render farm for personal use or online renting.


If you have used or would like to try Blender then my render farm could be of use!

Unlike the more popular render farms, this is done on a one-to-one level meaning we will be in contact all the time and prices will be way cheaper, only having to pay after the work is done.

My render farm consists of several computers running varios versions of Blender to ensure compatibility and speed.

If you are new/experienced in Blender, but dont want to put your poor laptop/computer to rendering hell overnight or even for several days, or got too many scenes to render, simply contact me down below and we will find a solution for it.

No plugins required, simply upload the project to Google drive and I will set it to render on my farm with the settings you tell me.
Then will compress the final renders and upload them back to you.

Think this might be for you? Or want to give it a try?


You can also see how I made my Blender render farm in the video below.


Currently supporting these versions..



Blender 2.9+
Blender 2.8+