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Im an 19 year old student currently studying on the UK a course on "Computer animation and visual effects"


My real first name is Jaime but I go by "Neb, Nebula or Nebula factory" as my online nickname.
Its origins are based on my first novel called "The Nebula factory" from which you can know more very soon.

I'm a big introvert but kindly hearted and open to making new friends.


If you want to know more about me or my life continue reading below.


about me

Born on the fifth of February 2002, Spain, I've had quite a life full of ups and downs.

Starting as a kid, I lived happily with my family and parents.
Wasn't very talkative but energetic for sure.

At the age of 7 I started racing on mini motorbikes, here is a picture from me at a circuit.


o ye.jpg

But years after I had to leave it as my family didnt feel safe with me racing such powerfull lil machines, nevertheless since then I became a fan of driving motorbikes, cars and even boats.

After that I started playing golf.
Was only months after I got my "golfing license" that I was chosen by my region's training group and went to Madrid to do even more focused training. From which I got a record only achieved by another professional 14 years ago and me. 
The record consisted on doing 10 consecutive holes in one on a 5 meter long put test.

I kept playing on a competitive level and won many trophies as I traveled around Spain, discovering new places and making friends.


Currently I left Golf aside at a handicap of 14, 32 trophies and many memories as it took too much time from my life and studies but hope to go back to it sometime in the future.

Leaving sports aside, I find myself to be quite a shy and introvert person.
Never liked going to discos or parties but instead prefered to stay at home working on projects or talking with friends online.

Currently I owe a 125cc motorbike, KTM Duke 125 2017 to be exact which I love going around with.



(Some did not fit on the frame, but the mayority can be seen there)



Got the car driving license not long ago and currently preparing to get the "PER" for recreational boats.

I also worked as a writer for All3DP, an online 3D printing newspaper and many other little projects I do from time to time.

Lastly, I'm a big tech fan around the world of computers, hardware/software etc.
Made a custom watercooled built pc which I still have up to date and can see on the picture below.



This is all I had to say about me here, there is much more to say but if you were interested on knowing more dont be shy to hit me up and we can talk about anything you want.

Thank you for reading!

This is the background Image, selfie taken while sat on my bike.

trim for about-me button.jpg
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